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Welcome to the Rome FileMaker Week 2024!

Attention all developers! Get ready for an adventure at this year’s Rome FileMaker Week with the theme “Raiders of the Lost FileMaker Database.” We’ve lined up an incredible group of speakers from around the world who are ready to share their expertise and insights.

Meet Our Trailblazer’s Forge Pass speakers:

  • Giulio Villani (Italy): Leading FMGuru and Direct Impact Solutions Group, Giulio is a master at crafting effective FileMaker solutions.
  • Douglas Wallis (France): From Claris International Inc., Douglas brings a wealth of knowledge on the latest FileMaker technologies.
  • Dimitris Kokoutsidis (Greece): As a key player at Integrity Data Limited, Dimitris specializes in data integrity and management.
  • Jeroen Aarts (Belgium): Founder of Clickworks, Jeroen focuses on innovative FileMaker solutions that boost productivity.
  • Matt Navarre (USA): With his extensive experience from Navarre Training, Matt is known for his deep dives into FileMaker’s capabilities.
  • Natalia Pau (Spain): Representing Keeneight, Natalia’s expertise lies in optimizing FileMaker for diverse business needs.
  • HOnza Koudelka (Czech Republic): At 24U Software, Honza is a pioneer in creating powerful FileMaker plug-ins.
  • John Renfrew (UK): Leading Attitude, John is known for his strategic approach to FileMaker development.
  • Vince Menanno (USA): From Beezwax Inc., Vince is a visionary in the FileMaker community, known for his innovative solutions.
  • Franco Farnedi (Italy): Franco from brings a practical approach to solving complex FileMaker challenges.
  • Christian Schmitz (Germany): As the driving force behind Monkeybread Software, Christian develops essential FileMaker plug-ins.
  • Nicolas Franco (Spain): With Bitwok, Nicolas focuses on enhancing FileMaker’s performance and usability.
  • Johan Hedman (Sweden): Founder of SquareMoon, Johan is an expert in creating intuitive FileMaker interfaces.
  • Emanuela Spagnoli (Italy): Also from Keeneight, Emanuela is skilled in transforming business processes with FileMaker.
  • Caroline Crémiuex-Charpentier (France): Representing A-kwa, Caroline’s innovative solutions make FileMaker projects shine.
  • Andrea Francica (Italy): At Sandeza, Andrea specializes in integrating FileMaker with other systems.
  • Joan Subirós (Spain): From FMSuit, Joan excels in custom FileMaker solutions tailored to client needs.
  • Gabriel Woodger (UK): Leading Woodge, Gabriel focuses on leveraging FileMaker for business growth.
  • Mihaela Cornaton (France): With Winsoft, Mihaela brings international perspectives to FileMaker development.
  • Albina Cuni (Albania): Also from, Albina is adept at creating efficient FileMaker solutions.
  • Evelyn Strappaveccia (Italy): Working with FMGuru, Evelyn is dedicated to improving workflow efficiency using FileMaker.
  • Chris Moyer (USA): From The Moyer Group, Chris is a veteran FileMaker developer and trainer.
  • Russell Watson (UK/Germany): Known as Mr. Watson, Russell’s expertise lies in enhancing FileMaker user experiences.
  • Alexis Allen (USA): Founder of FM Design University, Alexis specializes in designing visually appealing FileMaker layouts.
  • Koji Takeuchi (Japan): At TonicNote Inc., Koji focuses on integrating FileMaker with web technologies.
  • Joseph Scarpetta (USA): Leading The Scarpetta Group, Joseph is known for his innovative FileMaker applications.
  • Ian Jempson (UK): With Transforming Digital Limited, Ian is an expert in digital transformation using FileMaker.

Why We Call Them Trailblazer’s Forge Pass

At the Rome FileMaker Week 2024, our speakers are referred to as part of the “Trailblazer’s Forge Pass” because they are pioneers and innovators in the FileMaker community. Just like trailblazers, they navigate uncharted territories, forging new paths in database solutions. Their extensive experience and groundbreaking contributions help shape the future of FileMaker, making them the perfect guides for our journey into the “Raiders of the Lost FileMaker Database.”

Meet and Network in Rome

Join us in Rome to not only learn from these experts but also to meet them in person, share moments of networking, and delve deeper into your questions and curiosities. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the brightest minds in the industry and gain invaluable insights.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable week of learning, networking, and discovering new ways to unleash the power of FileMaker!

For more details on each speaker, visit Rome FileMaker Week Speakers. See you there!

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