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Get ready to dive into the adventure early with our pre-conference courses on October 9th 2024, happening at the Centro Congressi Forma Spazi, Via Cavour 181, 00184 Roma, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

FileMaker Performance Bug Busting Pro Adventure

Join us for a thrilling session on optimizing FileMaker performance. Learn how to identify and squash bugs with expert techniques to keep your systems running smoothly. This interactive course is perfect for those looking to enhance their debugging skills and ensure top performance for their FileMaker solutions.

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Claris Chronicles: Journey Through Live FileMaker Development with Giulio Villani

Embark on a journey with Giulio Villani, exploring live FileMaker development. This hands-on course will provide practical insights and real-time problem-solving strategies. Giulio will guide you through the process, sharing his expertise and best practices in a dynamic and engaging setting.

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Integration of AI: Semantic Search, Feature Update, and Innovative Use of JSON in FileMaker

Discover how to integrate AI and leverage semantic search in FileMaker. This course will also cover the latest feature updates and creative uses of JSON, providing you with the knowledge to implement cutting-edge technologies in your FileMaker solutions.

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Available Remotely and Affordable

Can’t make it to Rome?

No worries!

All courses are also available to attend remotely.

With a maximum of 10 students per course, you’ll get personalized attention and a great learning experience whether you’re on-site or online. Plus, enjoy these courses at small prices, making it a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills without breaking the bank.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your skills and connect with fellow developers before the main event!

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