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Claris International Inc., formerly FileMaker Inc., is a computer software development company formed as a subsidiary company of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) in 1987. It was given the source code and copyrights to several programs that were owned by Apple, notably MacWrite and MacPaint, in order to separate Apple’s application software activities from its hardware and operating systems activities. In 1998, the company divested itself of all but its flagship product, and reformed as FileMaker Inc. In 2019, FileMaker Inc. announced at DevCon that it was restoring the Claris brand name. Also in 2019, Claris acquired Italian startup, Stamplay, a cloud-based integration platform which connects web services like Dropbox and Slack without writing code, and announced they would rename their product offering as Claris Connect. The company develops, supports and markets the relational database program FileMaker. The FileMaker Platform is available for the macOS, Microsoft Windows and iOS operating systems and is aimed towards business users and power users.

ftechnology made easy

We are a software factory serving Innovative StartUps, Digital Agencies and Companies. We offer interventions aimed at the growth of your core business.

Direct Impact Solutions

Make that Digital Transformation [finally] happen with Direct Impact Solutions. We’re a global leader in the development of custom low-code and web applications.

24U Software

24U s.r.o. is a customer-oriented company, based in Prague, Czech Republic, active on Czech and global IT market since February 2000. In the software area we focus on development, modification, and maintenance of custom software solutions, mostly integrated information systems and database, web, and native business applications, professional software testing, and creation of electronic books. We supply and provide long-term care for information technologies in education and businesses with focus on Apple technologies. We also integrate hardware technologies with software.

Monkeybread Software

We develop applications and libraries for macOS, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Productive Computing

Located in sunny San Diego, the Productive Computing team is comprised of a diverse and talented group of individuals from life-long FileMaker developer veterans, cutting-edge local computer science college grads, UI designers, experienced business leaders, consultants and everything in-between.


IU-DATA is a services company created around the FileMaker platform. We are specialized in the development of customized management solutions. Depending on your needs, we can intervene on an existing solution or help you design a new tool for the management of your activity.
We also write specific modules such as add-ons. Some are free and can save you hours of development.

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Unlock the mysteries of the digital world and embark on an adventure with Rome FileMaker Week!

As a sponsor, you’ll be part of a thrilling journey where innovation meets collaboration. Join us in exploring the depths of the FileMaker universe, forging new connections, and leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of technology.

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Numbers of Rome FileMaker Week:

  • Over 21 countries represented in attendance last year.
  • More than 100 of FileMaker enthusiasts engaged through live and virtual participation.
  • Dozens of sessions covering diverse topics in FileMaker development and innovation.
  • Countless networking opportunities with industry professionals, sponsors, and speakers.
  • Numerous opportunities for learning, sharing, and collaboration within the global FileMaker community.

Enjoy the added benefits of live streaming, full event recordings, and simultaneous translation, ensuring global engagement and maximum exposure for your brand.

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